Belanger Law Philosophy:  to present and attain the Truth

For over 20 years, my practice of law in the trial and appellate courts has been dedicated to defending and protecting the sanctity and integrity of the State and Federal Constitutions.

As legal counsel, I have brought forth a voice to individuals harmed by abuse of power in a broad range of matters involving business-to-business, consumer related, municipality, probate & family court and criminal defense.

Defining true legal representation

True advocacy consists of legal counsel who is willing to protect clients’ rights by raising specific objections to opposing counsel and presiding justices and not forfeit that obligation and case presentation of a meritorious challenge or position purely on the ever so prevalent mindset of other counsel that doing so might anger the presiding judge.

True advocacy consists of legal counsel who is willing to engage in good faith negotiations with opposing counsel while knowing when to be vigilant in remaining steadfast on a client’s position.  It is the antithesis of the usual club modus operandi of “play along to get along.”

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