First & foremost, I’m a daughter, sister, mother & wife. My blessings include 29 years married to my best friend and proudly raising my daughter & son, who exude kindness, compassion and spirit.

The magnitude of my love and devotion for family is how The People’s Center for Family & Justice came into being—the other reason is the passion that my father instilled in me to right judicial wrongs.


To Live in Hope

To Have Loyalty, Morals

To Have Compassion, Kindness

To be Gentle When Stroked, Fierce When Provoked

To Fight for Justice for Family, for Others

To Not be Silent When People Suffer at the Hands of Others—

To be Heard in Defending Others

To Right the Wrong and To Not Stop Until Won

And to Be Able to Look in the Mirror When the Day is Done

I Miss You--More Than Words Can Ever Say;

Yet, I will Overcome the Obstacles in Our Way—

Because of What You Taught Me

Following in my Dad’s footsteps, I’ve been practicing law in Massachusetts since December of 1996.  For 21 years, I have focused my practice on constitutional law with an emphasis in appellate work. I have argued several times before the highest court in Massachusetts, The Supreme Judicial Court.  My experience also includes civil litigation in the State & Federal courts.

One of my proudest successes involves my creating law of first impression regarding statutory language, and having obtained judicial review before the Supreme Judicial Court through a very rarely granted avenue of appellate review: G.L. c. 211, § 3.  Commonwealth v. William Youngworth, III.             436 Mass. 603 (April 26, 2002). 

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